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InnovaTech Software, a division of Dehn Enterprises, L.L.C. is a software company offering an integrated system of health and fitness assessment and member management software modules. InnovaTech possesses the worldwide rights to the health/fitness information management systems developed by the professionals at E2 Consulting, L.L.C. and HealthCalc.Net (HCN).

HCN is an online service company, owned by the principals of E2, offering web-based solutions for the same HealthCalc 2000 products. InnovaTech represents HCN services as well. The principals of InnovaTech Software, E2 Consulting and HCN have worked together for over 15 years

Michael Dehn, M.S.
Michael Dehn, President of InnovaTech Software, and has a graduate degree in exercise physiology. Mr. Dehn has had many years of experience in developing effective cardiac rehabilitation, preventive medicine and health promotion/management software systems and has authored numerous articles and text chapters in the field.

In 2001, the American Journal of Health Promotion asked Mr. Dehn, one of the nation's leading authorities on technology in the health and fitness industry, to author the lead article "Health Promotion in the Information Age" in their newsletter, the Art of Health Promotion

Reprints of Mr. Dehn's article are available at no charge by request at Dehn@InnovaTechSoftware.com.

Mr. Dehn was one of the first 50 certified Program Directors for ACSM (1977) and served on ACSM's Preventive and Rehabilitative Exercise Certification Committee for 7 years.  



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