What is the relationship between InnovaTech and E2 Consulting?
Both are independent companies that have a strategic partnership and whose principals have a long-standing working relationship. E2 developed and owns HealthCalc 2000 products and InnovaTech has the exclusive rights to sell and provide technical support of those products.

What language is HealthCalc 2000 written in?
HealthCalc 2000 is written using the Microsoft Visual Suite of development tools including Visual Fox Pro, which serves as the database.

Can I directly access the data tables?
While we don't recommend (or support) accessing tables from the live HealthCalc 2000 system, you may make copies of the data tables for access by other programs such Access or Excel. HealthCalc includes a powerful utility for exporting data from the HealthCalc database.

Is there any limit to the number of records HealthCalc can hold?
Virtually no. Visual Fox Pro has a record limit in the billions, so unless you plan to have the entire population of the world in the system, it should not be a problem.

How are updates distributed?
Most of our customers have Internet access so we can distribute any updates via the Web. Customers register their email addresses on our Version History page of the E2 Consulting Web site (www.e2consult.com) and they will be automatically emailed anytime there is an update posted. They would merely need to double-click on the URL (Web address) on the email and they will be transported directly to the Download site. Another double-click initiates the download and a few minutes later the self-extracting file is on your computer. By double clicking the file, the HealthCalc 2000 system is updated, new features added, data recalculated with new formulas (if necessary), and the entire database reindexed. Can't get much simpler than that!

Can I add additional modules in the future without losing access to old data?
Yes. We actually ship and install the entire HealthCalc 2000 system every time and only activate (by virtue of the Activation Code provided over the telephone) components that are ordered. Thus, when you order the additional modules, you will instantly have access to features and existing data will not be lost.

What about Local Area Network (LAN) licenses?
LAN licenses allow the software to be installed on a file server and as many workstations as desired AT ONE LOCATION (physical address.)

Can I put the software on a laptop?
HealthCalc 2000 products are generally licensed for a specified location defined by a physical address having access to the software functions. A single-user license of HealthCalc 2000 allows the software to be installed on 1 single computer, which can be a desktop or a laptop. We generally allow laptops to be taken home or to other locations as long as the software is NOT actively installed on computers at more than one location at a given time. Laptops that are normally part of a LAN license and taken off site for health fairs or work at home will require a special Laptop License in addition to the main license. The standard charge for this is 25% of the normal license fee for that module and the Merge Utility will be required to append the data collected on the laptop into the main database on the LAN.

Does HealthCalc work on a Wide Area Network?
HealthCalc 2000 is not a client-server application and therefore not designed to work on WAN's. We cannot replicate the WAN environment in our technical support office, so we do not officially support WAN environments. Having said that, we have numerous clients who do operate the software on a WAN, generally with good performance if bandwidth is adequate. Licensing is NOT affected by topology. In other words, 3 sites having access to HealthCalc 2000 through a WAN connected to one file server is still charged for 3 licenses.

What Internet services do you offer?
RiskCalc, HeartCalc, FitCalc and MemberTrack functionality is offered online through The HealthCalc Network (HCN). These are provided on a fee for service basis.

How does the information get from the Internet to my computer's database?
The HealthCalc Network services provide data downloads as part of a service contract or on a fee basis. Customers need the associated HealthCalc 2000 module (e.g., RiskCalc) and the Merge Utility in order to take the downloaded file from HCN and merge that data into the HealthCalc 2000 database.

Is there any discount for multiple site licenses?
Yes. We give a discount off our license fees for multiple site orders. You will be eligible for a 10% discount on the 2nd – 5th sites; 15% for the 6th – 10th sites; 20% for the 11th – 25th sites; 25% for the 26th – 50th sites; and 30% for each site after the 51st site.  If you order concurrently, all sites get the highest discount for the total number of sites. These discounts apply only to the license fees and specifically exclude support fees, training, data conversion or other custom development.

Do you offer training on HealthCalc 2000?
Yes, onsite training is available for $1,000 per day plus travel expenses. We will be offering group training sessions in Dallas several times per year for $200 per day per person (travel expenses are not included.)

In addition to classroom instruction, we have available a set of six (6) audio/visual training CD’s which can be purchased either individually, or in a set. These CD’s are an excellent and cost effective way to provide initial or on-going training for new and existing staff.

Can the RiskCalc questionnaires be scanned?
Yes. InnovaTech is an authorized reseller of NCS Opscan Optical Mark Readers (OMR) and scannable questionnaires. Flatbed scanners cannot be used or Optical Character Readers (OCR) to read questionnaires because the technology is not reliable enough at this time. The Merge Utility is required to merge data from the scanner into the RiskCalc database.

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