When you select the download hyperlink below, you will be temporarily transported to the HealthCalc.Net Web site. Select the Full Installation option. It will be necessary to save the download file to your hard drive, and then run it from there.

After installing the program, open the program and you will be prompted to call our customer service hotline. If you wish, you can select "OK" on that screen and proceed to the Activation Screen. Type WEBDEMO in the ACTIVATION CODE field.

The program offers you to a couple of options in creating your demonstration database: The first option is to use the default (empty) database which will allow you to add about ten (10) people, real or fictitious, with their demographic information, visit histories, and assessment data. The second option is to access the demonstration database which is pre-filled with the demographic information, visit histories, and assessment data for about 35 people. To access this database, from the opening screen, select ADMINISTRATOR Switch to DEMODATA.

The person in the sample database with the best data is called SAMPLE MAN, which corresponds with any sample reports you download.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service office at 800-270-4557

When you are through downloading, you can go back to InnovaTech's site by closing the download screen and selecting the InnovaTech site on your task bar.

Click here to download a fully functioning version of HealthCalc

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