If you operate a fitness facility or are responsible for improving the health and fitness of a large group of people, your success depends on your ability to effectively manage information. That's why you need to have the most cost-effective and time-efficient tool available – HealthCalc 2000. HealthCalc 2000 is an integrated suite of Windows® based software for health and fitness professionals and facilities.

Whether you are conducting assessments, managing your front desk or tracking program participation, HealthCalc 2000 gets the job done with speed, accuracy and efficiency.

FitCalc™ - Fitness Assessment Module
Administer tests of aerobic capacity, body composition, strength, endurance and flexibility. Generates exercise prescriptions.

RiskCalc™ - Health Risk Assessment Module
Evaluates health risk factors such as cholesterol, blood pressure, exercise, tobacco, weight, stress, alcohol, and more. Generates summary and recommendations.

HeartCalc™ - Coronary Risk Assessment Module
Calculates risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. Generates summary and recommendations.

MemberTrack™ - Member Management Module
Facilitates front desk check-in process and tracks facility utilization, program participation and exercise activity.

OutcomeTrack™ - Member Goals & Progress Module
Simplifies goal setting and program development. Provides a quantifiable measure of progress and change.

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