January 21, 2000

InnovaTech Software Unveils Reconstructed Website at www.innovatechsoftware.com
InnovaTech Software has totally updated and re-engineered its Web site with greatly enhanced functionality and ability to download free demonstration software, product information, and sample reports. Major sections of the Web site include:

About Us: Information about the company, founders, customers, and strategic partners.

HealthCalc 2000:
Product information, including pricing and sample reports for all desktop software.

• MemberTrack
• FitCalc
• RiskCalc
• HeartCalc
• OutcomeTrack
• Utilities
• Plug-in programs

Online Services: Information about online assessment services

What's New:
Company news

Ability to download a fully operational demo version of HealthCalc 2000

InnovaTech Adds Andersen Consulting, Leo Burnett, Aetna, DaimlerChrysler, Citibank, Caterpillar, Yankee Candle, and OSRAM Sylvania
InnovaTech Software have received orders for HealthCalc 2000 at 14 new worksite customers in December and January bringing its worksite installation total to 180 since June 1996.

Andersen Consulting, Leo Burnett and one of the DaimlerChrysler sites are managed by Health Fitness Corporation and have installed MemberTrack and FitCalc modules. OSRAM Sylvania has installed MemberTrack and is managed by FitWell Associates.

Aetna has added 3 new locations using MemberTrack, FitCalc, and HeartCalc to the 3 locations having implemented the HealthCalc 2000 system over a year ago. Yankee Candle implemented the MemberTrack and FitCalc modules of HealthCalc 2000 in their fitness center.

Citibank has added 3 additional sites to the 7 previously installed locations. The sites have licensed MemberTrack and FitCalc and are managed by Medifit. Caterpillar and 2 of the DaimlerChrysler sites are managed by StayWell and have ordered MemberTrack and FitCalc.

InnovaTech Selected as Health Risk Assessment Provider for DuPontıs Womenıs Heart Disease Program ­ The Difference In A Woman's Heart®
DuPont Pharmaceuticals Company has implemented a major womenıs heart disease prevention initiative, The Difference In A Women's Heart with pilot projects in Seattle at Providence Hospital and The Women's Hospital at Centennial Medical Center in Nashville. RiskCalc has been selected as the health risk assessment for this project and InnovaTech will be offering both scannable questionnaires and online HRA services.

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