March 4, 1999

New 32-bit HealthCalc 2000 Introduced with Great Success
The biggest upgrade in the history of the HealthCalc integrated system of health/fitness assessment and member management software was introduced in January. The 15 month development project resulted in over 30 new feature enhancements in addition to the total rewrite in Microsoft's 32-bit Visual Suite of development tools (built around Visual Fox Pro database.)

InnovaTech Selected by 20 Additional Worksites Including Aetna, Dow Chemical, IRS, Novell, Federated Insurance, Inprise, Zeneca, Vanguard Group, and 8 Federal Sites
Aetna Life Insurance installed the HealthCalc 2000 system on a wide area network servicing their 2 fitness centers in Hartford, CT. Dow Chemical installed the software at 3 (2 in Midland installed on a wide area network) of their sites in the US and Canada. The Dow sites are managed by Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems.

The federal government has selected the HealthCalc 2000 system for 10 sites managed by Federal Occupational Health. The IRS has 2 sites which will be a part of this project. There are 20 additional federal sites that are scheduled to be added later in 1999.

Novell installed HealthCalc 2000 at its site in San Jose, CA. The Novell site is managed by Bay Sport, which also manages InnovaTech customers, Quantum and Applied Materials.

The Vanguard Group added a second site with MemberTrack member management software. This site is managed by L & T Health and Fitness.

HealthCalc Assessment Modules Chosen by UMASS Medical Center, Lincoln Medical Center, Clay County Hospital, and University Medical Center
RiskCalc, the health risk assessment component of HealthCalc, was by 4 hospitals in the Lincoln Medical Center system in Brooklyn, NY. Clay County Hospital installed all three assessment modules, FitCalc, RiskCalc, and HeartCalc. UMASS Medical Center in Worcester, MA implemented the FitCalc fitness assessment system.

University Medical Center in Tucson, AZ is adding FitCalc to their current system, which includes MemberTrack and RiskCalc.

InnovaTech Creates New Corporate Logo
InnovaTech Software introduced a new corporate identity package including a new logo concurrent with the introduction of the release of its HealthCalc 2000 system. "We wanted to create a symbol that graphically represented the partnership we form with our customers and commitment we maintain to be product innovators," explained InnovaTech President Michael Dehn. "We were introducing an exciting state of the art system and we felt the time was right to enhance our marketing materials as well."


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