July 9, 1999

InnovaTech Selected by General Motors, Nabisco Foods, US Post Office, Nations Bank Cargill, MBNA America, CapitalOne, Western Resources, Sun Microsystems, GlobalOne and 2 Additional Federal Government Sites Bringing Worksite Customer Total to 150
General Motors installed the HealthCalc 2000 system at their fitness center managed by Harris HealthTrends. The installation of MemberTrack member management and FitCalc fitness assessment software at the US Post Office in Chicago marked the 12th federal government installation of HealthCalc 2000 since March.

Cargill's 5 sites have installed the complete integrated suite of MemberTrack, FitCalc, RiskCalc, HeartCalc and OutcomeTrack plus the Import Utility which will run on a Wide Area Network. Cargill is managed by Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems.

Nabisco Foods installed HealthCalc 2000 and The Vanguard Group added a second site with MemberTrack member management software. These sites are managed by L & T Health and Fitness.

Sun Microsystems just implemented the Internet versions of MemberTrack and RiskCalc at their wellness center managed by Bay Sport in San Francisco. Employees can log their workouts and complete health risk assessments online from anywhere in the world while data is fed to Bay Sport for management reports on the desktop HealthCalc 2000 system in their home office.

GlobalOne and Western Resources implemented the HealthCalc 2000 system bringing the number of corporate installations managed by Corporate Fitness Works to seven.

MBNA America in Portland, ME and Nations Bank in San Francisco, CA installed complete HealthCalc 2000 systems for their wellness programs at those locations. MBNA's installation is the 4th site for their company and operates off a Wide Area Network.

CapitalOne is implementing MemberTrack in their new fitness center being built at their office in Tampa, FL.

Since June of 1996, InnovaTech has served more than 150 worksite installations, accounting for over 80% of market share for integrated health and fitness systems to employers during that period.

Lee Memorial Hospital Becomes Sixth HealthCalc 2000 Installation for '
Lee Memorial Hospital Wellness Center, managed by ', has installed the assessment modules, FitCalc, RiskCalc and HeartCalc. This is the sixth site for TBGD operated hospital-based fitness and wellness centers.

InnovaTech Add New Members of Customer Service and Sales Team

InnovaTech Software has added 2 new members of its team, Barbara Thompson and Kenneth Bond. Barbara Thompson is the Director of Administration and comes to InnovaTech with many years of experience in administrative roles. Kenneth Bond is InnovaTech's new Sales and Customer Service Representative.


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