October 23, 1998

InnovaTech Installs First of 50 Sites for Club Corporation of America
The Houston Center Club in Houston, Texas implemented the HealthCalc system of integrated health/fitness assessment and member management software, marking the first installation of 50 CCA athletic clubs to receive the system sold by InnovaTech Software. Stephen Tharrett, Vice President of Athletics and Tennis for Club Corporation of America, selected InnovaTech as an integral component of the major technological systems upgrade that CCA is implementing at their clubs worldwide. The HealthCalc system will include FitCalc (fitness assessment), RiskCalc (health risk assessment), and HeartCalc (coronary risk assessment) at all clubs and MemberTrack (member management) at selected clubs. The system will integrate with the new CCA Point of Sale system using the HealthCalc Import Utility, which electronically downloads demographic data from third-party databases such as billing, human resource or medical systems.

InnovaTech Selected by Salomon Smith Barney, Federal Reserve Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Enron, Kimberly Clark, Southern California Edison, Southwire, and American Axle
Salomon Smith Barney has selected the HealthCalc system for its two Manhattan locations. The system will be implemented on Salomon Smith Barney's WAN so that a common database can be used and members can utilize both facilities without creating problems in access or management reports on utilization. Chase Manhattan Bank will implement the MemberTrack and FitCalc modules of the HealthCalc system at its 4 fitness facilities and the RiskCalc health risk assessment module in its Manhattan Medical Department.

The additional installations at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Kimberly Clark, Southern California Edison, American Axle, Southwire, and Enron brings InnovaTech's worksite client list to more than 110 sites in less than 30 months since the HealthCalc products were introduced.

Virginia Tech University and Texas A & M University Install HealthCalc
RiskCalc, the health risk assessment component of HealthCalc, was selected by Dr. William Herbert of Virginia Tech to assist in the campus wellness program. The RiskCalc software will also be used in the undergraduate and graduate training program, one of the most highly regarded in the country, to expose students to the latest technology tools for health promotion and cardiac rehabilitation. Texas A & M installed the entire HealthCalc system for use in the campus wellness program, training programs and community outreach programs.

Other academic institutions joining InnovaTech's client list include Winona State University, Western Wisconsin Technical College, and Lee College. Morehead State University added FitCalc to its MemberTrack order and Oklahoma State University added RiskCalc, FitCalc and HealthCalc.Net's RiskCalc Online to its previous order of MemberTrack.

TBG Development Implements HealthCalc at 5th Managed Location at HealthPoint Center
InnovaTech Software installed its FitCalc, RiskCalc and HeartCalc at the HealthPoint Center in Waltham, MA, near Boston. This 160,000 square foot facility is the training facility for the Boston Celtics and is a joint venture with the New England Baptist Hospital. The Center will have state of the art technology and equipment as well as clinical services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy and cardiac care.


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