November 26, 1999

InnovaTech Adds 16 New Worksites Customers Including Motorola, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, Lennox, NSC, TRW, Level 3 Communications, and Kelly Air Force Base
Motorola selected HealthCalc 2000 for 9 worksites with fitness centers across the nation. MemberTrack and FitCalc were installed along with the Import Utility allowing Motorola to electronically input employee data from a Human Resource database.

A second General Motors site was added with MemberTrack and FitCalc. Both GM sites are managed by Harris HealthTrends. Hewlett-Packard in Nampa, ID selected HealthCalc 2000 for its fitness center member management needs. HP is managed by Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems. Lennox is managed by Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas and installed the complete integrated system of health and fitness assessment and management software.

NSC installed MemberTrack as the sixth worksite installation for Bay Sport managed clients. Level 3 Communications of Bromfield, CO is the first worksite installation for Mountain West, and TRW has installed MemberTrack and FitCalc in their Cleveland, OH operations. TRW represents the 12th installation for worksites managed by Health Fitness Corporation.

Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX has installed the RiskCalc health risk assessment module of HealthCalc 2000 for their health promotion initiatives. They have incorporated the scannable questionnaires that interface with an NCS optical scanner to electronically input all questionnaires.

Since June of 1996, InnovaTech has served more than 166 worksite installations, accounting for over 80% of market share for integrated health and fitness systems to employers during that period.

Six New Hospital Sites Select HealthCalc 2000
The Wellness Center at Cape Coral, East Alabama Medical Center and McLeod Health & Fitness Center, all managed by TBG Development, have installed the assessment modules, FitCalc, RiskCalc and HeartCalc. Providence Hospital (Seattle, WA), St. Joseph's Medical Center in (Tawas City, MI), and St. Joseph's Hospital (Stockton, CA) have installed RiskCalc and FitCalc.

Michael Dehn Invited to Author Article on Health Promotion Software Systems for the American Journal of Health Promotion
InnovaTech Software President, Michael Dehn, was asked to write the lead article for a first quarter 2000 newsletter, The Art of Health Promotion, for the American Journal of Health Promotion, edited by Larry Chapman. The article will address the benefits and applications of information systems for professionals operating worksite health promotion programs, clinically-based health promotion and commercial facilities.

E2 Consulting's John Ellis Author's Feature Article on Internet and Software Applications for the Health and Fitness Professional in Fitness Management Magazine.
John Ellis, Principal in InnovaTech's strategic partner, E2 Consulting, has written a feature article in this month's publication (focusing on Computer and Technology) of Fitness Management Magazine

For further information on this or other InnovaTech Software products, please contact Michael Dehn at 800-275-8636.


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